The Ball’s in Your Court!

Everything is in your hands!!! The power of thinking has forever been emphasized to no extent. For centuries unknown, ordinary minds with great thoughts have created a new person out of them. Erudite philosophers have been developed from powerful thoughts that go in their minds. Their biggest challenge was to channelize their thoughts towards the… Continue reading The Ball’s in Your Court!

The Sophisticated Sincere Soul

Let's go though the diary of our personified soul.

The Lost Humanly Curiosity

Lives change. Change in a way nobody ever imagines. In the midst of all this, we tend to forget ourselves. The essence of being a living creature and being blessed to be a human, different from any other mammal; having the ability to process and think and analyse to value, care, differentiate, favour and argue… Continue reading The Lost Humanly Curiosity

It’s Hope that Mustn’t Leave the Shine

Seconds, minutes, hours tick Days, months and years follow the trail Something that seemed so close to the heart Now fades away like it was never meant to stay. Let's jump to create an illusion For some egoistical monster's deception Welcoming peace’s reception, A concoction to create new emotion. We’re all put into such a… Continue reading It’s Hope that Mustn’t Leave the Shine

The Journey of being a Sculptor

Well well well, one might be mistaken to take sculptor as the actual artist or carver who creates beautiful things that sooth your eyes but here, I am trying to metaphorically suggest a sculptor that you and I and everybody else is, in modelling our own sweet lives. Another sculptor to our lives has been… Continue reading The Journey of being a Sculptor

Be Different, Feel Different!

We all have that one opportunity in life and that ‘once’ doesn’t mean the only one that we’ll stumble across assuming it not to fit in the situation we’re in. Time and again, it happens all over and every turn brings with itself, a new experience that we can take an advantage of and the one… Continue reading Be Different, Feel Different!

Before ignorance takes a toll…

Envision what you believe in and what you have the guts to stand for! We’re the ripples in a huge ocean, circumnavigating the path unveiling around us, growing in pursuit of becoming who we imagine to be. Amidst all this, we keep on being on the same level as we were yesterday. If not that,… Continue reading Before ignorance takes a toll…

Feel the waves of tranquillity around you!!

We are so much indulged in our daily lives that we fail to feel what’s there around us to look, listen, hear, feel and be known about. The smallest of the acts are the ones which are the ones filling us with immense joy and those are the only ones which can be observed with… Continue reading Feel the waves of tranquillity around you!!

Learning to Trust…

It is the smallest gifts or blessings, especially the invisible ones that do wonders miraculously. Sometimes, wait is all we can do but with poles of high hopes and aspirations within our mind. Honesty in attributes and gestures without any superfluous presence paves multiple paths that are entirely unexpected yet destined, given the diligence in… Continue reading Learning to Trust…

Sail towards the unforeseen future…

It is just the perspective which changes the thoughts and our wishes. Standing and shivering in a negative 30 on a bus stop, we wish for the bus to make it as quick as possible and want it to stop for lesser passengers each time (before it reaches us). The funny part is that it… Continue reading Sail towards the unforeseen future…