A Gift 💝

This 4 lettered word brings with it so much of joy, anxiety, ecstasy, serenity, joie de vivre, self-worth and most importantly: TRUST (should it turn out to be a Time Bomb ;)). It has so many emotions attached to it and deeper the understanding between the swappers, the more is the present supposed to be… Continue reading A Gift 💝


Hold your head high :)

It’s more of like what we think about our own self than what others think about us that matters. All is in our mind. You let others rule over it once and you’re more than likely to be stuck in this decoy of the devils forever unless you, yourself, push your thoughts out of it.… Continue reading Hold your head high 🙂

Blessings In Disguise

Some special moments in life make us meet the most unexpected people whom we usually wish to cherish for our lives. Too often, seemingly, such times come to a halt and we’re left with no other emotion but nostalgia while we see them off. We happen to come across the ‘Richie riches’, who are rich… Continue reading Blessings In Disguise

Speak up for yourself lest not let be spoken at all

How ignominious it is to be standing in front of an audience of around a 100 or a 1,000 or a 1,00,000 (read lakh). Just imagine when you are the only one, which every other soul in front of you is very much keen to listen. The jitters which probably set your body on fire… Continue reading Speak up for yourself lest not let be spoken at all

A Woman with magical insights!

Conjuring the events of our lives, we may end up getting flashes of some instances where we, as a woman, were a victim to certain actions or words that led down our morale, or that as a man, we might, unintentionally, made a girl feel vulnerable of her own self. If not that, either one… Continue reading A Woman with magical insights!

Leap in the dark towards your aimed mark.

The day you start wondering, of how shallow your dreams are, would make you realise that there’s a lot more that’s missing in the lines. Let’s try and ignite the fire of threshold within us, breaking any number of cemented walls by the bulldozing high spirit that we hold. This would come true only when… Continue reading Leap in the dark towards your aimed mark.

Believe it or Not?

This new journey around our master star begins today and we’re blessed with yet another 525600 minutes for shaping our future which is and will always remain in our hands. I do believe in luck but what purpose does it serve without us having the need to reach it with our hard work? We need… Continue reading Believe it or Not?